King Charles Loses Temper at Beloved Wife Camilla or Worried About Her? Prince William’s Father Wanted to Retrieve Queen Consort [Watch]

Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla's relationship has stood the test of time. They end up together despite the backlash they receive for having an affair while still married to their previous spouses. However, just like other couples, their relationship has ups and downs.

King Charles Caught On Camera Frustrated At Wife Camilla?

The king and queen consort visited Wrexham in Wales, and they were greeted by the members of the public. However, there seemed to be an issue between the royal couple.

Apparently, King Charles was not happy about Camilla taking too long while chatting with someone. There were speculations that the king lost his temper with his wife.

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King Charles was caught on camera telling aides to retrieve Camilla, who walked slowly behind him during their walkabout, Express reported.

"Can we try and get her back again? Please. We need to go. I was trying to wait for her but she goes on," His Majesty reportedly said.

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Twitter Reacts To King Charles And Queen Consort Camilla's Video

King Charles appeared frustrated toward his wife during the outing. However, many said that it was normal for married couples to have such moments, saying they were "typical married couple," Express noted.

"Haha that is just a typical married couple. I think it's cute and relatable," one commented.

"I think this is sweet and funny, just shows that he is human like the rest of us," a second user added.

Meanwhile, others claimed that he was just worried about his wife and wanted Camilla to stay close to him.

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"That’s not a strop he seems anxious she stays close, he’s worried for her safety he seems very upset and I don’t blame him he must be heartbroken," a third user added.

"Yes, that is what I think too. You can see the anxiety and worry on his face. He is trying to keep Camilla protected," a fourth wrote.

Why do you think King Charles reacted that way? Was he furious or concerned at Camilla?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

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