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King Charles Decides to Forgive Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Following Harry & Meghan? Monarch Will Reportedly Mention the Sussexes in His Christmas Speech

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles will be giving his first Christmas speech this week. As the new British monarch, King Charles will be taking the reigns from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth. For several decades, Her Majesty was tasked with giving the world her yearly Christmas address.

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King Charles Finished Recording His Christmas Speech Before Harry & Meghan Vol II Was Released?

According to New Idea, King Charles had already finished recording his Christmas speech. And despite everything that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said about him and the royal family in their documentary, King Charles still included them in his speech.

What's more, the new monarch will also mention the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's name in a positive light.

Since King Charles' Christmas speech was pre-recorded last week, he did not have any desire to make changes to it even if the second half of Harry & Meghan aired much later.

"The same report stated even after the final episodes aired, there was no desire to make any changes to his carefully considered message in the wake of the increasingly ferocious attacks. The Palace's Sun Tzu-worthy strategy goes beyond the Sussexes' inclusion in next year's big day to them doing something else that has taken some by surprise. Absolutely nothing. The only line that has emerged from the Palace has been a firm 'no comment,'" a source told 7

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King Charles Will Invite Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To His Coronation?

The source also claimed that King Charles would continue to take the high road when it comes to Prince Harry and Markle. This means that he will not ban the couple from the royal family's Christmas celebration in Sandringham.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also welcome to attend King Charles' coronation on May 6.

According to royal commentator Daniel Elser, King Charles' decision to invite Prince Harry and Markle to his coronation will help make the royal family look magnanimous and warm-hearted.

"[And] willing to be the much bigger people and to look past that Netflix nonsense," Elser said (via Wales Online).

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King Charles Did Not Invite Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Royal Family's Pre-Christmas Lunch?

Meanwhile, Sky News Australia claimed that King Charles did not invite Prince Harry and Markle to the royal family's pre-Christmas lunch at Windsor Castle.

According to royal biographer Angela Levin, it would be a huge relief for the royal family not to have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the pre-Christmas lunch.

"The family will want to make it a very positive day after the Queen's death and I think the Sussexes presence would most certainly dampen that," she said.

But even if King Charles extended an invitation to Prince Harry and Markle, it's unclear if the couple would've accepted it.

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