Kim Tae Hee Sends Support To Husband Rain Upcoming Kdrama Ghost Doctor

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Credit: The Swoon/YouTube Screenshot

Hi Bye, Mama! actress Kim Tae Hee shows love and support to her husband Rain for his upcoming Kdrama Ghost Doctor.

Netizens felt the sincerest warmth between the married couple as the actress showers her beloved husband with unrivaled support through an unexpected gesture.

Kim Tae Hee Sends Coffee Truck To The Filming Site Of Rain's New Kdrama

The legendary Kdrama icon proves that their love never ends and is constantly blooming in happiness when Rain’s agency, Rain Company, shared a heartwarming photo on its official Instagram account.

Alongside is a caption that says, “Ding Dong! A coffee truck sent with love has arrived on the filming set of Ghost Doctor.”

The photo sees a lovely and colorful coffee truck that will bring warmth to staff and cast members during the filming. Sent by Kim Tae Hee, herself, a horizontal banner that says, “He’s a genius, but once you get to know him more, he’s actually clumsy! I’m cheering for Cha Young Min!”

Another banner sends love and support with the words, “Actress Kim Tae Hee is cheering for Jung Ji Hoon and all the cast members and staff of Ghost Doctor!” Jung Ji Hoon is Rain’s real name.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee tied the knot in January 2017 after dating each other for five years since 2012.

Later 2017, the happy couple welcomed their first blessing, an adorable daughter. In 2019, another daughter arrived in their lives, which further tightened their marriage.

Rain To Lead In New tvN Kdrama Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor is a new tvN Kdrama that will premiere on January 3, 2022. The series will air new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 PM KST.

Starring Rain, Kim Bum, and Uee, Ghost Doctor will depict the story of a genius doctor with impressive surgery skills despite his arrogant and selfish character, who gets involved in an unexpected situation that will have him possess another doctor’s body.

Rain will breathe life to the character of Cha Young Min, while Kim Bum will appear as Go Seung Tak. Former After School member Uee will portray Jang Se Jin, Cha Young Min's ex-girlfriend.

APINK Son Naeun, Kim Jae Yong, Sung Dong Il, Yoon Da Kyung, Seo Ji Yong, Ahn Tae Hwan, and Tan will also star in the forthcoming Kdrama.

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