Kim Soo Hyun Joins Netflix's Squid Game in Hilarious Memes — See Photos Here!

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Kim Soo Hyun could ideally be a player on Squid Game; at least that was what the memes suggested.

Amid the skyrocketing fame of Squid Game in South Korea and around the globe, Soo Hyun joined the hype and suggested he could be part of the series.

Kim Soo Hyun on Squid Game Sparks Memes


Soo Hyun's best friend, FTISLAND member, and frontman Lee Hongki shared the photo which the actor reportedly sent to him. He first shared his first look on his Instagram story, causing fans to give birth to more hilarious memes. Check the photo here.

The post features three photos of Soo Hyun joining the Squid Game cast members. According to Hongki, the actor grabbed the images from his fans who used his pictures from the 2013 movie, Secretly, Greatly and edited them on several scenes during the Red Light, Green Light game.

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"The photo he sent me says he might also appear (in 'Squid Game') …lol hyung.. if that's the case, he'll be the first to die," Hongki captioned the post.

The similarities between the clothes he wore in the 2013 film and the suits the players wore on the series made him fit to become part of the show in the future.

Meanwhile, fans immediately shared their reaction to the post.

One shared a screenshot of the meme where Soo Hyun lined up with other players, writing, "I didn't expect to see Kim Soo Hyun on #SquidGame! HAHAHAHA As far as I remember he always wear that Jacket on Secretly Greatly? HAHAHA."


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"The fact that Kim Soo Hyun actually saw this #SquidGame meme and sent it to Hongki is hilarious," another added.

Koreans Enjoying Squid Game Fever!

Aside from Soo Hyun, several well-renowned K-pop stars have been showing their love to the Netflix series.

For instance, Super Junior member Shindong made Squid Game references when the group won the 2021 Worldwide Icon Award.

On Twitter, members of Super Junior's fandom, ELFs, reposted the clip from the awards show and noticed Shindong's Squid Game acting before receiving the award. The Korean idol showed a self-made Squid Game card before trying to do ddakji game backstage.

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