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Kim Sae Ron’s Contract With Gold Medalist Ends Following DUI Controversy

Credit: JTBC Entertainment / YouTube screenshot

Gold Medalist has ended its contract with Kim Sae Ron following the drunk driving incident this 2022.

Back in May, various outlets revealed that the former child star is embroiled in a controversy after she was booked under the charges of DUI or driving under the influence.

Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Has Decided Not to Renew the Actress’ Contract

Months after the incident happened, Kim Sae Ron’s agency revealed its plans for the actress.

In a report cited by AllKPop, The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim star has ended her contract with the label; however, the Gold Medalist has decided not to renew her contract.

Now, the 22-year-old actress is still on hiatus after she got involved in a DUI controversy.

At the height of the issue, Kim Sae Ron released a public apology, admitting that she made a “big mistake in a drunken state” and expressing how she deeply regrets the incident.

“Because of my wrong judgment and behavior, I’ve caused an inconvenience to so many people, including merchants in nearby shops, citizens, and those who work to restore [the damage]” she said as obtained by Soompi, adding that she “will do my best to actively communicate and resolve this until the end.”

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The massive scandal had a severe impact on her career which caused her to drop out of her upcoming projects.

In May, the actress announced that she will be withdrawing from the upcoming series Trolley as one of their lead stars.

The thriller mystery series is headlined by Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon, Kim Mu Yeol, and Jung Soo Bin who replaced Kim Sae Ron.

Adding to the list of her supposed-to-be dramas is the new Netflix series Bloodhounds. After being casted as one of the main characters, the controversial actress withdrew from the show.

It was the Love Revolution actress Jung Da Eun who took Kim Sae Ron’s character.

Kim Sae Ron Working as a Part-Timer

Amid her on-screen hiatus, reports emerged that she has been working as a part-timer in a cafe to cover some of the expenses in line with the drunk driving incident.

In a separate report cited by Soompi, her then-agency, Gold Medalist confirmed the rumors and said that she had to pay huge compensation which includes settlement money, and advertising penalties.

“Kim Sae Ron did spend some time working part-time at a cafe due to her financial difficulties,” the agency said.

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