Kim Go Eun Stars In New Kdrama Yumi's Cells

Credit: tvN

Credit: tvN

The King: Eternal Monarch and Goblin actress Kim Go Eun will return to the small screen as she stars in the tvN new Kdrama Yumi's Cells.

Based on a hit webtoon about an ordinary office worker named Yumi, Yumi's Cells will revolve around the perspective of the protagonist's brain cells that control her thoughts, feelings, and movements.

This cell-based psychological romance immediately piqued interest from Kdrama fans with excitement on how a person's daily life would unravel through the perspective of the cells in her head.

Kim Go Eun as the ordinary office worker Yumi

Making her debut as an actress with the 2012 film A Muse, Kim Go Eun immediately made a name for herself as she won several Best New Actress awards for her groundbreaking performance.

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Credit: tvN

Her fame continuously reached its highest on her every Kdrama such as Cheese in the Trap and Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) in 2016. Her most recent series is with Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch.

The first poster for Yumi's Cells revealed an image of the renowned actress, charming fans with her brightest smile. Donning an endearing short haircut with bangs, a photo of Kim Go Eun settles on a bulletin board while tiny adorable cells are peeking over.

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Credit: tvN

Raising anticipations from fans, the teaser poster had some small notes that describe the character of Yumi, as well as the names of the director and writer of the drama. In particular, the teaser poster ignites expectations for Yumi's story which everyone can sympathize with.

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Who is the cast of Yumi's Cells Kdrama?

Aside from Kim Go Eun, several more renowned personalities in South Korea's film and television industry will decorate the series.

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Credit: tvN

Ahn Bo-Hyun will portray the character of Ku Woong, a game developer. Lee Yu-Bi will play Ruby, Yumi's co-worker who claims to be a master in various dating techniques, and Park Ji-Hyun as Seo Sae-i, Ku Woong's colleague who dreams of becoming the best game art director.

GOT7's Jinyoung will also appear in the series as Yoo Bobby, Yumi's second boyfriend. And a special cameo appearance from SHINee's Minho.

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Credit: tvN

When will Yumi's Cells Kdrama start?

Yumi's Cells will be released simultaneously on TVing and tvN in September. The Kdrama is directed by Lee Sang Yeob, who is also responsible for the Kdramas Familiar Wife and Shopaholic Louis.

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Credit: tvN

Find Me In Your Memory writer Kim Yoon Joo also participated in the creation of the Kdrama as well as writer Kim Kyung Ran. W: Two Worlds Apart and Memories of the Alhambra writer Song Jae Jung also lend his creativity to the drama.

For the first time in South Korean television history, Yumi's Cells will be produced using a new format that combines live-action and 3D animation. The 3D animation for the drama is produced by Locus Corporation, which is also responsible for the 2019 South Korean computer-animated fantasy film Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs.

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