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Killing Eve Season 4: It's Going to be Weird Watching the New Villanelle

Credit: BBC America/YouTube

Killing Eve Season 4 finally has a proper trailer, and it does its job incredibly well -- now we have more questions. However, will this be the episode in which we'll see the pair find their way back to each other?

We catch up with Eve and Villanelle in a new teaser for the fourth and final season of the BBC America thriller, released on Tuesday, and they're in very different places: Villanelle appears to have found faith, but she hasn't totally stopped sinning.

Killing Eve Season 4: Villanelle Finds Jesus

We were given an exclusive first glimpse of Killing Eve Season 4 as part of TVLine's 2022 First Look Series, and in it, we see Jodie Comer looking shockingly dowdy in a rumpled tie-dye T-shirt. Furthermore, her clothing bears the slogan "What Would Jesus Do?" " printed on it — an unusual choice for a woman who has undoubtedly broken the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment a couple dozen times.

Is she genuinely interested in religion, or is she simply playing along to get closer to her next target? Villanelle appears in a spiritual setting in several photos from Season 4, indicating that it would be a major theme in the last season. All we know is that we're hoping for some sort of conclusion to her connection with Sandra Oh's Eve before the series ends.

Eve Finds Something Else…

Eve, on the other hand, is having sex with a charming new guy friend. Carolyn, however, draws her back in by telling her that members of The Twelve are murdered.

“You’re still playing the same old game of chess,” Eve tells Carolyn.

Eve and Villanelle ultimately meet in a fish tank, but Eve isn't ready to forgive and forget. She recalls the fable of the scorpion and the frog... and Villanelle wonders if Eve is the scorpion in their relationship.

Camille Cottin, who plays The Twelve member Hélène, has already been promoted to series regular for Killing Eve Season 4. Anjana Vasan (We Are Lady Parts) will also appear as a new assassin-in-training.

Killing Eve Season 4 premieres Sunday, Feb. 27 at 8/7c on BBC America.

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