Kevin Smith Teases 'Shock Ending' In His Supergirl Episode

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Kevin Smith is certainly excited about the new Supergirl Season 4 episode that he directed. But what could possibly happen in Bunker Hill that will completely shock the viewers?

Smith recently took to Twitter to share some details about his Supergirl episode. The Mallrats director teased information that has already been established in the Bunker Hill promo. However, he also revealed that the episode's conclusion will come out of nowhere. Take a look at his tweet below.

"TONIGHT! I get the credit for 'directing' the newest episode of @TheCWSupergirl, from a script co-written by Super scribe @erictcarrasco! Nia manifests her power! Manchester Black hunts Agent Liberty! And wait ‘til you see what happens to the Maiden of Might in the shock ending!" Smith wrote.


There is little doubt that the events in Bunker Hill will immediately lead up to the highly anticipated Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds. The episode will be the last one prior to the crossover so the conclusion might offer a hint at what will happen to Kara Danvers in the following week. Could the new Flash played by Stephen Amell drop by to beg Kara for help? We certainly can't wait to find out.

Elseworlds is definitely something to look forward to. In addition to Amell and Grant Gustin switching characters, the crossover event will bring the heroes to Gotham City. Amell had previously shared an awesome photo of himself, Gustin, and Melissa Benoist posing with the Bat-Signal. This could mean that Ruby Rose's Batwoman is on her way.

Smith's Supergirl Season 4 episode Bunker Hill will air on The CW on December 2.

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