16 Apr 2020 4:05 PM +00:00 UTC

Kevin Smith Discusses the Potential of Black Widow Releasing Straight to Disney+

Ever since studios began delaying films because of the spread of the novel coronavirus, fans have been wondering whether Marvel would opt to release Black Widow straight to Disney+ instead of screening the film in theaters.

Fans were looking forward to the film's May release, and now that everyone's stuck at home to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been questions about whether Disney would release the film on its streaming site so that it would be available to fans despite the quarantine.

If Disney could pull out Artemis Fowl from cinemas so that the film could stream on Disney+, why not do the same with Black Widow?


Pop culture connoisseur and filmmaker Kevin Smith doesn't think that Disney's going to do the same thing with Marvel's Black Widow movie. While the director thinks that releasing Artemis Fowl on Disney+ is a smart move for the House of Mouse, the tactic doesn't really apply with a Marvel movie (via Cinema Blend).

"They're not gonna stick a Marvel movie on Disney+ because they've got some Marvel TV shows coming, and they gotta keep them Marvel movies valuable. Because those movies make fucking money, man, legit fucking money," Smith explained.

It does make sense. Disney is betting a lot of money on Black Widow, hoping that the film will become another commercial and financial success for Marvel. The studio wouldn't give up Black Widow's theatrical release that easily.

We're probably even going to see the film get another major delay if the COVID-19 pandemic continues well on through summer.

Black Widow is currently slated to release on November 6, 2020.

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