Hugh Jackman on Someone Else Taking Over Wolverine Role

Hugh Jackman had said good-bye to the character of Wolverine back in 2017 with Logan, but with Marvel earning the rights back for the X-Men, a lot of people are wondering if Jackman will ever come back. Bad news for the fanboys though, because it looks like Jackman is definitely done, and is fine with someone else taking on the role.

Talking to The Daily Beast, Jackman was asked about his thoughts on Marvel earning back the rights and he said:

"I knew it was the right time for me to leave the party—not just for me, but for the character. Somebody else will pick it up and run with it. It's too good of a character not to. It's kind of like, you're on your way home and your friend rings you and goes, Oh, dude, a new DJ just came on and the music is awesome, are you going to come back? And you say, Sounds good but… no. They're fine with someone else."

Though I agree that Jackman had made the character of Wolverine his own, I always thought that his version of the character was far from comic-accurate. If Marvel recasts Wolverine, I really want them to embrace the gruffness of the character; it's also important that he's short, as he famously is in the comics and cartoons.

Also, one thing is that I want the X-Men to feel more like a team, so it's best that Wolverine isn't treated like a protagonist. If you ask me, they should just make the first movie without him, and introduce him in the second one when all the other characters have been established already.

We don't know when Marvel plans to bring in the new X-Men, but hopefully, we get an update before the year ends.

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