Kevin Smith Addresses He-Man Master Of The Universe Rumors

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There's a whole lot of excitement building up over Kevin Smith's He-Man miniseries for Netflix's new Masters of the Universe: Revelation. He-Man fans weren't expecting a brand new Masters of the Universe series, much less an anime sequel following the original series.

Though there haven't that many official announcements about the project, there have been several rumors running up and down the mill about Masters of the Universe: Revelation. These rumors include the reports of an alleged insider claiming that Adam is going to discover that Teela is a much better He-Man than he is, and so he decides to step aside and let Teela and her girlfriend take over duties as the hero.

Taking to Twitter, Smith has decided to respond to these reports, debunking the rumors about Adam steeping aside for Teela.

"As a showrunner, I really could've used these story suggestions *before* we locked the scripts,' the filmmaker wrote on his post on Twitter, "However, no - He-Man does no stepping aside and Teela has no girlfriend in our show. The storyline is pretty dark and way metal. Before REVELATION we were calling it END OF THE UNIVERSE."

Smith seemed pretty riled up about the rumors, because the filmmaker added a second tweet, telling the source of the rumors to post real stories instead of "faux ‘insider' info."

One of these real stories involves the process of making the series.

"'s a *real* story: @Mattel made a behind-the-scenes video featuring our actors recording. So a fan took some of Mark & Lena's dialogue and spliced them into old Filmation clips," Smith wrote on a second tweet, sharing a link to the spliced Filmation clips.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation promises a radical return to Eternia featuring fan-favorites like He-Man, Cringer, Orko, and Man-at-Arms. The series is set to debut on Netflix later this year.


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