Kevin Feige Won't Admit that the Black Widow Movie is Happening

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Though the movie hasn't been officially announced by Marvel Studios yet, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that the Black Widow movie is currently undergoing production. What's funny is, if you ask Kevin Feige about the movie, he acts like he has no idea about the film at all.

When asked by ComicBook about Black Widow, Feige replied, "Have we announced that movie yet? Who knows what that is?" When asked to comment about the set photos that have been leaking online, Feige continued:

"You sort of look at those pictures and can guess… But what it is, and where it is, and how it is, goes in that post-Far From Home release territory… We're still, as I've said for the better part of a year or two, we're waiting for Endgame and Far From Home to come out before we talk about what's next, officially. We're almost there."


As for when the Black Widow movie will be officially announced, I think we should expect a Phase 4 slate come SDCC 2019 which takes place July 18-21—that's a few weeks after the premiere of Far from Home. Besides Widow, maybe we can also have solid release dates for Doctor Strange 2, The Eternals, Shang-Chi, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The Black Widow movie is still undergoing production, and at this point, everyone is convinced that the movie is set to come out late 2020. Until Marvel gives us an official date, all we can really do is guess.

The next MCU film to come out is Spider-Man: Far from Home, and it hits theaters July 2.

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