Kevin Feige Says 'Honest Trailers' and 'How It Should Have Ended' Motivate Marvel to do Better

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If you're a critic or someone who likes to nitpick, then you probably watch Honest Trailers or How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) on YouTube. While they can be tiresome if binged, they often provide fun commentary and decent comedy that a lot of people can enjoy so if you like to see movies getting torn down by a dude with an awesome voice, you'll like both channels.

Usually, big movie companies don't bother with this since they're busy, well, making movies or planning a billion sequels. Marvel Studios, a company that is likely planning a billion and one sequels, is not one of them. Turns out that they're well aware of Honest Trailers and HISHE, to the point that they try to make their films un-Honest Trailers-able. Which never happens.


When asked about the high-profile YouTube shows by BET, Kevin Feige had this to say:

"Those are traditionally very funny. There is [How It Should Have Ended] and Honest Trailers. There were times on [Captain America:] Civil War years ago where those things were more in the culture, and as we developed the movie trying to make sure there were as few plot holes as possible, we'd be like, ‘We don't want this to show up in honest trailers.' The answer to this larger question we're having in the room, if we don't solve it, they're going to call us out on it. So oftentimes it's a motivator."

Let's be honest; Marvel Studios (and every other film company out there) will never make a movie that Honest Trailers and HISHE can't make fun of. Infinity War was already filled with memes and online comics that poked fun at the various situations with easy fixes. Even the best superhero movies, The Dark Knight, for example, have things to make fun of.

Avengers: Endgame has been re-released in cinemas. The Blu-Ray will be coming out in August.

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