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Kevin Feige Reiterates Movie Theaters Are “Not” Dead Following Marvel’s “Superhero Fatigue” Issue

The idea that Marvel Studios may be suffering from the “Superhero Fatigue” was previously denied by Marvel boss Kevin Feige himself, seeing as comic book adaptations are endless possibilities waiting to happen. However, following this, Feige has come across another issue in the industry and it’s the gradual decline of movie theaters.

The Marvel Studios president shared a conversation he had without name dropping the person’s name on The Movie Business Podcast, in which the person Feige is referring to has somewhat predicted the decline of movie theaters in the movie business. Check out his full story below:

“I was in a Zoom with a group of people and I sort of shared this, “Is it gonna go away? Is the movie business gonna go away?”” Feige said, “And this very smart person said, “It’s not.” He said, “It’s gonna take a few years,” and this person said three years, and this was almost three years ago [around 2020]. [They] said, “It’ll take about three years to get better.” And I thought, “That’s horrible. I want it to take six months to get better.” And this very smart person turned out to be right.”

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Feige continued on to say that the movie theaters was compared to that of a sports stadium goers, wherein, despite the availability of the program on television, attending the game yourself is a different story: “[But] this person also said — I’m not a sport fan, but this person said — “Look, anybody can watch any football game they want on television. But every week, hundreds of thousands, millions of people still go into stadiums, because that shared experience is necessary for humanity.”

The person Feige is referring to also notes that we could only start worrying once movie theaters are actually found empty, which they predict would never happen. “So, my prognosis for the future is very positive, and there’ll be lots of change and lots of disruption, but people still wanna be in a theater, and cry, and cheer, and laugh together.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania premieres on February 17th this year.

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