Kengan Omega: The Epic Ohma vs. Rolon Fight is Approaching Its End

ikoThe latest chapter of Kengan Omega has arrived today, and it features one of the most epic fights in the history of not only Sandrovish Yabago's series, but also the history of Japanese manga or graphic novel of any kind. The final fight of the Kengan Association vs. Purgatory tournament (Tokita Ohma vs. Rolon Donaire) has reached its climax, and it looks like it's coming to an end.

Ohma Advance
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Ohma Advance

Kengan Omega Chapter 136 , titled Upper Hand, continues the epic fight between Ohma and Rolon. After a series of exciting hits between Ohma and Rolon, Ohma is able to unleash the Advance technique, and hits Rolon hard, slamming him down to the ground, breaking the stage of the arena. However, the technique was a risky move, and it has taken a toll on Ohma. According to the doctor in the infirmary, since Ohma only used the "consecutive within 5 seconds", it won't kill him.

Ohma says that he can't use the Advance anymore because he doesn't want to end up like Fei, who died using the technique for a longer duration. Ref Shina Alisa makes the count to 10, and surprisingly, Rolon is able to get up to continue the fight. When ref Shina Alisa asks him if he can keep going, Rolon says, "Of course", but it looks like the Purgatory fighter has also sustained serious damage, so it's unclear who has the upper hand.

Rolon takes a small stance once again, and the chapter concludes with the narrator noting that "the final exchange was about to begin".

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It looks like Kengan Omega Chapter 137, which is expected to release next week, will conclude this epic fight. The winner of the match will determine which team - Kengan Association or Purgatory - will win the tournament, but let's not forget that Tiger Niko and the Worms are still out there.

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