Kemono Jihen Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Countdown

Credit: Aija-do Animation Works

Credit: Aija-do Animation Works

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Kemono Jihen Episode 11 will have a huge cliffhanger to resolve. The 12-episode supernatural shōnen anime is approaching closure, but fans will already crave more! Here is all you need to know before the release date of Kemono Jihen Episode 11:

Kemono Jihen Overview and Episode 10 Recap

In Kemono Jihen, the main character Kabane is a half-ghoul taken in by Inugami, a detective specializing in the occult. Moving in with Inugami in Tokyo, Kabane meets and befriends the detective's other young proteges, Akira and Shiki. All boys and Inugami himself are Kemono - human-beast hybrids who are often tasked with keeping the peace between humans and supernatural beings.

Warning: If you haven't watched Kemono Jihen Episode 10 you might want to skip to the next section as there will be spoilers below.

Episode 10 begins to adapt the Akira Arc of the Kemono Jihenongoing manga. In a previous episode, we were told that Akira, a snow kemono possessing ice magic, was born in a village deep in the mountains along with his twin brother, Yui. Their mother died giving birth to them and their father lost his mind under mysterious circumstances so they never met him.

The brothers grew up unhappy, cut from the rest of the world, until they discovered a magazine which informed them about the existence of Tokyo and even gave them the contact details of Inugami. Already thinking that the kemono specialist could possibly take them in, the brothers attempted to run away but got separated.

Back in the present, Akira struggles with everyday life. He's overly clumsy, which frustrates Shiki. When Kabane is accidentally rude to him, a hurt Akira runs away, only to come across his brother by chance.

Yui behaves coldly, but the innocent, trusting Akira hardly notices. Akira is impressed seeing that his brother's ability has grown so much greater than his own, to the point that Yui manages to make him an ice castle on the spot. He only understands something is wrong when Yui breaks his phone and locks him up.

Meanwhile. Kabane and Shiki realize their lives are much less cheerful without Akira and feel bad for their earlier behavior. They manage to track him down through his social media, but when they attempt to enter the ice castle Yui fights them.

It seems that Yui is under a spell that vastly magnifies his powers while also making him act in this cruel way. Was this something he chose for himself or is the truth more sinister? And how will the clueless Akira navigate the situation now that his friends are incapacitated by Yui? Kemono Jihen Episode 11 has a lot to answer for.

Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 11 Release Date

Kemono Jihen airs every Sunday. Episode 11, titled "Memories" is going to be broadcast next Sunday on March 21 for premium Funimation users. Those streaming without a subscription will be able to watch Episode 10 on that day but will have to wait until the 28th of Match to watch Episode 11.

Judging from its title, Kemono Jihen Episode 11 might give us access to Yui and Akira's memories, so that we can find out just what happened to them after they got separated.

Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 11 Release Time

Kemono Jihen episodes are broadcast weekly at 22:00 JST. For the US and Canada, this translates to around 8:00 AM and for Central Europe around 14:00.

Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 11 Where to Watch with English Sub Online

The best place to watch Kemono Jihen with English subtitles for free or with a paid plan is Funimation. Subscribed users can watch the newest episodes immediately after release. Non-subscribed users can watch said episodes a week later, but there will be ads. Fans in New Zealand and Australia can find Kemono Jihen on AnimeLab.

There is currently no English dubof Kemono Jihen but of course, this could change in the future.

Kemono Jihen Anime Episode 11 Countdown

Kemono Jihen Episode 11 is going to be released on Funimation in 6 days. Those who stream Funimation shows for free will be able to watch Episode 11 in 13 days.

Other anime shows that are currently ongoing and wrapping up soon include Jujutsu Kaisen and The Promised Neverland Season 2.

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