Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Reportedly Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction at Princess Eugenie’s Wedding That She Could’ve Avoided

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Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/YouTube Screenshot
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Kate Middleton attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2018 with her husband, Prince William. While standing outside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the Princess of Wales suffered a wardrobe malfunction that she could’ve otherwise avoided.

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Kate Middleton Managed To Prevent Her Undergarments From Showing During A Wardrobe Malfunction In 2018?

At the time, the strong winds blew Kate Middleton’s fuchsia dress upward, showing a part of her legs and thighs. The mom of three managed to hold her dress tightly, which prevented her undergarments from being exposed.


Middleton also seemed unfazed by the entire ordeal since she was seen smiling at Sophie Wessex as it was happening.

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Kate Middleton Could’ve Avoided A Wardrobe Malfunction If She Followed Queen Elizabeth’s Dress Style?

But according to PR and social and digital marketing manager Daena Borrowman, Middleton could’ve avoided the situation from happening if only she had followed Queen Elizabeth’s tactic.

“According to royal insiders, it is common for royal women to have small weights sewn into the hems of their skirts and coasts to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and allow them to fit perfectly. It has been said that the late queen passed down her tricks to Kate, as she too would have circular lead curtain weights sewn into all of her handmade outfits. Pennies or small weights are sewn into the hemlines of dresses to avoid them being blown up by a strong gust of British wind, ” she said (via Cheat Sheet).


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Kate Middleton Cannot Show Her Undergarments In Public, Should Always Dress Modestly?


Borrowman went on to say that there is a slew of protocols in place that both stylists and dressers need to follow to prevent royals from landing into embarrassing fashion faux pas.

One rule that royals have to follow during outings is that they always need to dress modestly.

“In order to still wear bespoke dresses with daring necklines, the Princess of Wales has her gowns altered ever so slightly to keep with the rules, while her later mother-in-law, Princess Diana used to hold her clutch to her chest while exiting vehicles,” she said.

Meanwhile, royal style expert Myka Meier told Fabulous that female royals are banned from showing their undergarments, like their bra and such, to the public.


“Underwear and bras are also considered private, intimate wear, and for royals, to put intimate apparel on display would simply not be done. There are a few options to hide bra straps, with one option being a bra that is actually sewn into the piece. A second option is a strapless shapewear, which is a one-piece that either snaps at the bottom or has legs attached. You can buy them in almost any skin tone so they appear transparent and don’t show through clothing. You want the attention to be on the beautifully tailored and designed garment and not the undergarments,” she said.

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