Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William Not as Confident as Wife; Princess of Wales Takes The Lead, Expert Says

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Prince William's confidence level has improved. However, the former is more at ease with the latter in public, according to a body language expert.

Kate Middleton Taking The Lead In Outing With Prince William?

The Prince and Princess of Wales attended BAFTA and launched Middleton's new Shaping Us initiative. Body language expert Darren Stanton weighed in on the royal couple's gestures and said the future queen consort was taking the lead.

"Some notable photographs showed William with his hand on Kate's back while they were walking," Stanton said on behalf of Betfair BingoShowbiz CheatSheet reported. "Although William has indeed developed and adopted a far greater level of self-assurance over the years, he is not as confident as Kate."

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"Kate is most definitely taking the lead. She's very often seen walking on her own and not waiting for William. This is not a sign of disrespect or discourtesy, as she knows he will be behind her."

The expert added that during the outing, Prince William appeared to need a little push to engage with the guests. Fortunately, Middleton served as his energy, according to Stanton.

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"I noticed every now and again that he almost needs a little jolt of energy, which could be a small gesture or signal towards his wife," he continued.

"William also tends to wear dark colors in an attempt to blend into his surroundings, whereas Kate usually goes for brighter colors. This demonstrates that she wants to stand out and be available to her subjects, while William is happy to take a step back."

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Prince William And Kate Middleton More Confident After Promotion

Stanton previously said that the heir to the throne and his wife have been more confident in their roles after King Charles promoted them. His Majesty made them the new Prince and Princess of Wales after he ascended the throne.

"Since becoming the Prince of Wales, William has also begun to exude a whole different level of confidence, including the way he walks in his posture and what he does with his hands," he said of the Duke of Cambridge, noting that he no longer pays with his cufflinks or place his hands inside his jacket as a self-assurance gesture.

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Middleton also exudes a whole new level of confidence. When the couple visited the food bank, Stanton noticed Middleton being comfortable with the people around. He noticed the changes in the princess' body language too.

"Her body language also seemed very open," he said of Middleton. "Just like William, Kate also adopted self-reassuring gestures in the past. She used to place her hands on top of the other in front of her, almost like a defensive gesture, but we have not seen that gesture displayed for many months."

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"Kate and William have both clearly embraced and developed into their new roles. They both appear so much more confident with their public persona and engaging with the public."

Do you agree that Prince William and Kate Middleton are more confident after they become the new Prince and Princess of Wales?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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