Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William And Wife Survived 'Royal Curse' Despite Endless Divorce Rumors? Duchess Reportedly Left 'Upset', In Tears Because Meghan Markle Did Not Compromise

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There is no denying that Kate Middleton and Prince William are two of the most talked-about members of the British royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not only admired for their exemplary work ethics because many of their followers also love how they were able to maintain the fire in their marriage.

Like any other public figures, both Kate Middleton and Prince William have also faced malicious issues and rumors. As a matter of fact, the Cambridge couple were reported to have separated in May, with the mom of three said to have moved out of their home with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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However, a new report suggests that while there were doubts that their marriage would last, Kate Middleton and Prince William silenced it after a flirty display during a polo match last week. Keep on reading to know more details.


Kate Middleton And Prince William Still Going Strong Despite Breakup Rumors

Woman’s Day New Zealand, in its July 18, 2022 issue, reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William had survived the romance curse that seemed to plague the older royal generation, which also debunked the claims that the brother of Prince Harry had grown overly close to his wife’s ex-BFF, Rose Hanbury. Glowing in an Emilia Wickstead dress, the sporty duchess shocked everyone when she graced the Royal Cup in Windsor.

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However, the biggest shock of all, per the entertainment news outlet, was the sweet kiss Prince William gave to beaming Kate Middleton. Though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are fond of holding hands and showing other subtle signs of affection to each other, the public kiss was reportedly a departure from standard royal protocol and had onlookers at the said event talking.

After the polo game, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis boarded a helicopter for the royal family’s yearly summer break. The flirty exchange of the Cambridge pair came amid growing reports saying that Kate and William have big plans to modernize the monarchy and establish a brand-new direction for the royal family once the duke takes over the throne.

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An unnamed palace source told the magazine:

“Kate and Wills are determined to rip up the royal rulebook – they want to be more approachable, less formal and less stuffy. It’s not a criticism – more an acknowledgment that they need to move with the times. They really are determined to create a healthy balance of openness, while maintaining the sense of mystery that surrounds the royal family.”

Earlier this year, rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William made rounds online due to an MSN article, which had since been deleted, alleging that the couple had separated and the duchess moved out of the palace with their three kids. Newsweek did an investigation and later found out that a French website called Oh My Mag also confirmed that the royal marriage was over.

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It remains unclear if it was Oh My Mag who first reported the false breakup news. A cached version of the said article claimed that palace staff overheard a “heated discussion” between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Days after the fake split reports broke, Kate Middleton and Prince William took a trip to Scotland together. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were then seen attending the premiere of Tom Cruise’s latest movie called Top Gun: Maverick on May 19 in London.

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Did Meghan Markle Make Kate Middleton Cry During Their ‘Flower Girl’ Argument?


Meanwhile, Tom Bower, who just released his new book titled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, claimed that Kate Middleton burst into tears during a bridesmaid fitting after comments made by Meghan Markle.

The royal expert, per Express UK, said the two duchesses disagreed over the length of Princess Charlotte’s hemline and the fit of her bridesmaid dress during a fitting ahead of the former Suit actress and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018.

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Tom Bower said Jessica Mulroney, the mother of another bridesmaid, supported the insistence of Meghan Markle. The British author added, “some would say Meghan compared Ivy favorably against Charlotte.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Tom Bower acknowledged all his sources were people who do not like Kate Middleton’s sister-in-law.

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The royal author divulged:

“She made it pretty clear to all her friends and people who work for her not to talk to me, so it was quite an uphill struggle, but I got enough people to speak to me, more than enough, I got about 80 people. I sifted through, I never put in stuff that isn't true and can't be checked.”

The royal expert also claimed Kate Middleton was “tired” and stated Meghan Markle showed “little sympathy for those outside of her circle.” Tom Bower added the wife of Prince William was “too fatigued to cope” with the disagreements over bridesmaid dresses but felt they should follow protocol.

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Tom Bower shared that Meghan Markle “wouldn’t compromise,” leaving Kate Middleton upset and feeling as though complaints by palace staff about the behavior of Prince Harry’s better half had been confirmed.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have yet to comment on the latest claims made by Tom Bower in his new book. So, devoted supporters of the royal family should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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