Kate Middleton, Prince William a Strongly Bonded Couple? Prince and Princess of Wales Don’t Need to Touch to Oversell Their Love, Expert Claims

Credit: House of Highlights/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: House of Highlights/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Prince William are in Boston for the Earthshot Prize ceremony on Friday. A body language expert weighed in on the Prince and Princess of Wales' gestures during their first engagement following their arrival in the U.S.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Show Telltale Signs Of A Couple In Love, Expert Says

The Prince and Princess of Wales landed in Boston Wednesday for a three-day trip. According to body language expert Judi James, they showed "telltale signs" of a couple in love.

She noticed that the royal couple's arrival poses in the United States are important in making an impact of selling their style of charisma. She praised their simple yet elegant styles and noticed three telltale signs of their love for each other.

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"Their subliminal mirroring rituals — in step and visually in tune, this type of body language matching and mimicry is a subtle but powerful signal of a strongly-bonded couple," James told The Sun. "As Kate and William step off the plane and descend the steps their poses and movements are twinned and synchronized."

She added, "There's no need for touches like hand-holding or hugging to either communicate or over-sell their love because their visual symmetry does it for them."

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How Do Kate Middleton And Prince William Show Their Love To Each Other?

The expert noticed how Prince William and Kate Middleton made eye contact with one another.

"Their eye-gaze and the softened facial expressions — even under the pressure of this visit William and Kate use eye contact as they walk side by side and the softened, rounded-cheek smiles that the eye contact produces is what is usually referred to as ‘the look of love,’” James said.

She also noted Middleton's hair-preen gesture that conveys a "signal of strong support" for her husband. The Duchess of Cambridge also gave her husband "very supportive glances" when he spoke to their hosts.

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The heir to the throne also showed the same adoration for his wife.

"As Kate speaks we can see William gazing proudly and adoringly at his wife, with the earring very much in his eye-line," the expert added.

James also believed that his wife's accessories — Princess Diana's earrings — "must be both comforting and motivational for William as he visits a country that adored his mother."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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