Kate Middleton At Odds With Queen Consort Camilla? Prince William's Wife Allegedly Doesn't Think King Charles III's Better Half Deserve The Crown

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Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/YouTube Screenshot

Tensions were high for the British royal family members when they attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19. However, things seemed to be especially uncomfortable between Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and her step-mother-in-law, Queen Consort Camilla, a new report claimed.

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Kate Middleton, Queen Consort Camilla’s Spat Exacerbated?

Star Magazine, in its latest edition, reported that the wives of Prince William, Prince of Wales, and King Charles III allegedly had a quick heated exchange after Kate Middleton’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, reacted to a pinch from her older brother, Prince George. Queen Consort Camilla allegedly told Kate to get control of her children before the televised proceedings continued.

Palace insiders, as per the entertainment news outlet, are not surprised about the reports of public discord between Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles, who officially became queen consort upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II at age 96 on Sept. 8. One tipster told Star that the warring royals recently had an explosive fight at Windsor Castle, where an angry Kate told Camilla she’s not fit to wear the crown.

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It claimed:

“Ever since the Queen died, Camilla has been throwing her weight around, showing everyone who’s boss. Kate is becoming increasingly irritated with her. She thinks Camilla is a good-time girl who doesn’t take her royal duties seriously and that she doesn’t deserve the role. Things have been very awkward.”

Another unidentified informant suggested that Kate Middleton has long resented her stepmother-in-law and has been struggling to fall in line now that Camilla and King Charles III are in charge. The source said:

“Yes, Camilla has been anointed and appointed by Charles and was blessed by Her Majesty prior to her passing, but that doesn’t mean Kate has to like or respect her, especially given Camilla’s checkered history.”

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While Kate Middleton waited for years for Prince William to propose, Queen Consort Camilla married, divorced and carried on a years-long affair with the heir to the throne before their 2005 nuptials. The wife of King Charles III has reportedly become insufferable since taking the crown.

The second insider stated:

“She has this superior attitude to where everyone has to bow down to her. Kate isn’t happy about it. While Kate has gone above and beyond the call of duty to adhere to all the values required of working royals, Camilla ultimately latched onto Charles’ coattails.”

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The argument at Windsor Castle reportedly got heated. The first source claimed Kate Middleton and Prince William had a family meeting with King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla to discuss moving from their new digs in Adelaide Cottage to a bigger space inside Windsor Castle.

The source claimed:

“Camilla immediately shut him down and said she and Charles are keeping the property for themselves. Kate Just exploded.”

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Kate Middleton, Queen Consort Camilla’s Feud Divided The Royal Family?

Meanwhile, Prince William, who is all too aware of how unhappy his father’s affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles made his late mother, Princess Diana, is on Team Kate. The second source shared:

“William wants his father to be happy, but he’ll never get past the fact that Camilla essentially tore their family apart. Camilla has always been seen as the mistress who stole Charles away from Diana, and William is far from blind to that sentiment.”

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Star Magazine reported that Camilla Parker-Bowles remains the homewrecker, who embarrassed the crown, to many royal fans. However, Queen Elizabeth surprisingly approved of King Charles III’s new ladylove.

A mole claimed:

“Eventually, Camilla won Her Majesty and other royals over because she was this gruff, down-and-dirty type of character. Despite Camilla and Elizabeth getting off to a rocky start, they did become friends later on down the line.”

King Charles III, for his part, fought hard to get Queen Consort Camilla what he considered her due. The second insider said:

“Charles is sick and tired of people disrespecting her. He feels she should be celebrated but it’s an uphill battle, even after he’s become the ruling monarch.”

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The first source told Star Magazine that King Charles III is “miserable that Camilla is getting a bad rap from everyone” and has cut Prince William’s allowance as a form of revenge. It stated:

“The way Charles sees it, if Kate thought Camilla was showing her who the boss is before, now she really knows who’s in charge.”

Kate Middleton, for her part, has allegedly no choice but to smile and bear it. The first insider went on:

“For now, Kate and William will play the game and be respectful toward Camilla and Charles. But they are more than ready to take over when the time comes. They can’t wait to put their own stamp on the royal family.”

Both Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles have yet to comment on the claims about their alleged feud. So, devoted supporters of the two royals should take all these unverified reports with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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