Kate Beckinsale Net Worth: How Much Fortune Has The Underworld Star Built So Far?

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Credit: The Howard Stern Show/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Beckinsale is not just one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. She's also one of the most recognizable stars, thanks to her blockbuster movies Pearl Harbor and the Underworld film series.

She started to dominate the big screen in the 1990s and continued to do so until today. With a lengthy, successful career, it may be safe to assume that Kate Beckinsale is one of the wealthiest stars of today So, how much fortune has she built so far?

The Start of Kate Beckinsale's Fame and Success

The 48-year-old star started her career at a young age, but her real breakthrough only came when she did Much Ado About Nothing in 1990. She was 20 years old at the time.

This opened a lot of doors for the then-starting actress, doing one film after another, like Prince of Jutland, Uncovered, and Cold Comfort Farm. Of course, her career didn't end there.

In fact, it was only starting. She began to receive heaps of praise. She then brought her stellar acting to the stage and did several plays throughout the years.

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After playing several roles, both in movies and in theaters, the biggest success of her career came when she did Pearl Harbor in 2001. She then made Serendipity, opposite John Cusack, and changed her image into an action star in Underworld in 2003.

Playing the role of the vampire Selene brought Kate Beckinsale's career to a new height. It was followed by a series of action movies, like Van Helsing, The Aviator, and Underworld sequels.

Choosing to do Small-Scale Projects

Despite the big success, Kate Beckinsale still chose to do small-scale projects. After doing Click with Adam Sandler, she did Snow Angels in 2007, followed by Vacancy and Winged Creatures soon after.

Though these films are not as big as her other high-profile movies, she started to receive critical acclaim.

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Come 2009, she started doing action movies again, joining the cast of Whiteout and more Underworld sequels. Fast forward to 2016, she did Love & Friendship, which earned her considerable praise.

From 2019 forward, Kate Beckinsale began doing TV productions, like The Widow and Prisoner's Daughter.

She's also part of Guilty Party, and her IMDb page noted she has another project coming, El Tonto.

Kate Beckinsale's Other Ventures

Meanwhile, with her incredible beauty, Kate Beckinsale also has a number of brand endorsements. In fact, she has also worked extensively as a model.

She is considered an "English rose" in her early year and became the face of the commercials for Gap, Diet Coke, Absolut Vodka, Lux shampoo, and more.

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With these endeavors, it's no surprise that Kate Beckinsale is worth $25 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.