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Kang Tae Oh Burdened While Playing Extraordinary Attorney Woo Character — Here's Why

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Tae Oh shared his thoughts about his role in the recently wrapped-up drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The South Korean drama industry was shaken after Extraordinary Attorney Woo aired. Although the K-drama did not come from a huge company, it became a hit series and even ended with a whopping 17.5 percent viewership rating.

It explored the story of attorney Woo Young Woo, who has autism spectrum disorder. Despite that, she works at a large law firm and boasts a 164 IQ score.

After the series’ last episode, Park Eun Bin’s male counterpart opened up about his role.

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Kang Tae Oh Describes Extraordinary Attorney Woo Character Lee Jun Ho

Following the end of the 16-episode drama, Kang Tae Oh spoke candidly about his character and how demanding the role was in the beginning.

In an interview on August 18 (as reported by The Korea Times), the Korean actor said that he portrayed a less impactful character. However, he noted Lee Jun Ho’s trait of being demanding in the beginning.

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"Lee is such a nice guy in the drama, but I thought he could be seen a bit flat. I did not have many lines compared to other actors, but I still had to express Lee's emotions ... Nevertheless, I believed Lee had his own role and charm. So I just tried to keep his place instead of trying to stand out,” he said.

Kang Tae Oh added that he was pressured to portray the role of the character, so he talked to director Yoo In Sik to open up about his burden.

Although Lee Jun Ho was his character, he found him difficult to approach while playing the role until the last episode.

Kang Tae Oh Praises Park Eun Bin

Elsewhere in the interview, the actor praised Park Eun Bin and noted that the actress helped him in many ways. He acknowledged that, while they are the same age, his co-star has more experience since she debuted when she was 5 years old.

"She was so professional and was always in a good mood, although she had a lot of lines to memorize and many things to prepare to play Woo. She also gave me advice to maximize the on-screen chemistry between Lee and Woo. I learned a lot from her,” he went on.

Because of the help he received while striving hard to become a better actor, Kang Tae Oh saw his popularity spike. His Instagram followers are now around 2 million.

His performance in Extraordinary Attorney Woo made fans demand more dramas featuring the actor. But for now, Kang Tae Oh prepared them for his upcoming military service this year.


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