Justice League: The Snyder Cut Makes Drastic Change to Knightmare's Look

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The Justice League Snyder Cut hype train is once again in full throttle following the epic revelation a couple of months back that it indeed exists. The fan anticipation only grew stronger after we saw the official trailer for the project at last month's DC FanDome and it's safe to say everyone's ready for its arrival.

Now, we're all well aware that this "new" version of JL will be a complete contrast to the theatrical cut we ended up getting in 2017, and director Zack Snyder is making good on his promise judging by its new trailer alone. One particular scene which didn't make it to Whedon's cut of the film has apparently undergone a drastic change for the Snyder Cut. The "Knightmare" scene, which earned praises from fans in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting a little makeover.

Credit: DC Comics

Based on the footage we've seen from the trailer, the dystopian world in Batman's vision is looking quite different due to its less-saturated coloring and darker imagery, a style the director is known for. Snyder has yet to offer an explanation regarding the change but it looks noticeable, to say the least.

Credit: DC Comics

Snyder and his crew are still in the midst of post-production and from what I'm seeing so far, it looks like they're really going all-out with the project. While I know that I need to reserve my judgment until I see the final cut next year, the famed Snyder version of Justice League could very well be Zack's road to redemption in the DCEU. I'm hoping for its success because it's what true blue DC fans deserve.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League premieres on HBO Max sometime in 2021.


Via: ScreenRant

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