Justice League Snyder Cut Teaser Reportedly Being Prepared For HBO Max Launch

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DC fans might have been petitioning for Warner Brothers to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League for years, however, the studio has yet to confirm whether or not Zack Snyder's legendary cut of the DC flop really exists.

Now, a new report suggests that Warner Brothers may release a Snyder Cut teaser during the upcoming launch of WarnerMedia's new streaming service, HBO Max.

According to a post by Air Force veteran and radio jockey Joe Bateman, Warner Brothers is planning to release a teaser for the Snyder Cut during the HBO Max launch on May 27. Fans can reportedly expect HBO Max to feature a "short video of behind-the-scenes footage about Zack putting his project together along with a few teasers."


"HBO, WB, AT&T, DC, and Time Warner are hoping that the hype will put HBO Max in a media frenzy, ensuring that it's launch has a successful amount of subscribers and publicity. Then shortly thereafter, they plan on releasing the Snyder cut!" Bateman wrote on a post made in a private Facebook group (via Cosmic Book News).

As exciting as this new update might seem, we advise fans to take the report with a major grain of salt. There have been numerous reports about the Snyder Cut seeing release, however, none have proven to be true.

While there's nothing wrong with holding on to hope for the Snyder Cut, fans will simply have to wait and see whether the Snyder Cut teaser ever airs on HBO Max in May.

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