Justice League Producer Wanted Mark Wahlberg to Play Green Lantern

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The Justice League movie was a pretty big disappointment, though it wasn't a terrible movie by any means. Still, that doesn't excuse the number of changes made and how it turned a possibly good film into a mediocre, yet somewhat entertaining, mess. While it probably wouldn't have saved the movie, it's worth noting that one of the movie's producers wanted Mark Wahlberg as Green Lantern.

Mario Robles went to Twitter and recently revealed that producer Charles Roven wanted to have Wahlberg in the movie as, presumably, the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern. The fact that Robles shares an image of Wahlberg with pictures of the Batman V Superman cast is also convincing. It's also worth noting that the picture Robles shared was originally shared by Wahlberg himself.

Geoff Johns is currently working on a script for the Green Lantern Corps movie, which will introduce a new version of Hal Jordan for the new DC cinematic universe. The film is going to be a buddy cop film that has Hal Jordan and John Stewart teaming up so that should be fun. Mark Wahlberg probably won't be in the running for this role but it would be cool if he was approached again.

Justice League is available now on Blu-Ray and digital services. Aquaman is coming out on December, with many hoping it will revive interest in the DCEU.

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