Justice League: First 3 Minutes Of The Movie Released Online

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It's no mystery that Justice League has underperformed in the box office, and Warner Bros is taking a hard look at what they are doing wrong with the DCEU. Several debates have been going on online on whether the theatrical cut was "right" for the film, and thanks to a South Korean retailer, we now have the opening scene from the film to help us scrutinize the movie a bit more.

Check it out:

I'll admit, since the CGI for Superman's into scene was so jarring, I forgot to pay attention to anything he was saying when the kids were interviewing him. One thing's for sure though—Batman's introduction was definitely awesome. I'd love to see Batman's day-to-day when it comes to taking down criminals in Gotham.

Justice League is nearing the end of its theatrical run, which means that fans are now arguing heavily on what WB will give them with the home release. A lot of fans are asking for the "Snyder-cut" of the movie which includes music from Junkie XL, but there has been clashing information on the existence of the cut. Hopefully time will tell what we get, and it ultimately makes fans happy.

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