Justice League: Endless Winter Puts the Spotlight on Black Adam Before His Movie Comes Out

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DC Comics has finally unveiled some details on their big December event Endless Winter, now called Justice League: Endless Winter. It will be written by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz, while The Flash artist Howard Porter provides illustrations for the event. The fact that it will feature The Justice League is far from a surprise since their name is on the comic but the December solicitations have also revealed that Black Adam will play a major role as their reluctant ally.

In fact, not only does Black Adam appear in the main event but he will also get his own issue tying into Endless Winter. This could mean that this December event will be used as a way to launch an ongoing or mini-series for the character. They could also be using this event to make him more of an anti-hero in the current universe since he's mostly been a villain for the past few years.

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Credit: DC Comics

We are happy to see Adam play a more heroic role here since he has been relegated to a baddie for too long in the current DC universe. When the character debuted in the Shazam back-up comics from Justice League, he literally killed a child so that he could use these powers. That's probably a little too evil for DC since he's going to be sold to younger kids soon so we wouldn't be surprised if Endless Winter will act as a chance to make him more heroic.

All nine chapters of Justice League: Endless Winter will be released this December.

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