Justice League: Darkseid Actor Addresses Snyder's Cut Alleged Plot Hole

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After months of online protests, the long-awaited director's cut of the Justice League finally premiered on HBO Max. Justice League's Snyder's Cut not only features more comprehensive details of the classic DCEU heroes and their battle with Steppenwolf but also teased the appearance of Darkseid, one of DC's most iconic antagonists.

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Although Steppenwolf plays the main villain for Justice League Snyder's Cut, Ray Porter's Darkseid teases a reign of terror in the upcoming years of the DCEU franchise. The much darker tone and ruthless nature of Darkseid exactly match the DC universe. However, there are some plot holes that fans still find confusing.

One specific plot hole that fans want to unravel is how Darkseid forgot the location of the Anti-Life equation in his quest for universal domination. Luckily, Darkseid actor Ray Porter finally addressed this alleged plot hole.

In an interview with Fandomwire, Zack Snyder's Justice League star Ray Porter sat down to discuss how Darkseid forgot the location of the Anti-Life equation in the film.

When asked particularly how the villain forgot about the said relevant thing, Porter noted that the villain conquered so many planets over the years. Porter explained, “Consider the fact that he’s turned a hundred thousand worlds to dust, it was so long ago that he found this equation and then it was taken from him in battle and he always wanted to ‘re-find’ it."

"We are talking so many thousands of years, so many planets, universes, and possible Earths. Uxas, the person who became Darkseid has also changed so much in that long timespan." Porter added. "So, for someone whose knowledge spans so much, maybe the knowledge got lost in the vastness that it was on this Earth in particular. And then, Steppenwolf, of all people, approaches him about this.”

When asked why Darkseid isn't much fond of Steppenwolf, Porter responded, “I am not aware of the history and intricate details about this 'great tragedy’.”

It's good to know how Porter committed to the character, not ignoring the villain's essential origins. To summarize Porter's response to the plot hole, Darkseid is an immortal being in the DC universe, which means he fought a lot of battles across different planets throughout the centuries and the location of the Anti-Life equation was just simply forgotten.

Despite the plot hole, fans still want to see Darkseid in the future of the DCEU, and if Zack Snyder will still helm the next franchise of the Justice League, Darkseid might return as the biggest villain for DC.

Justice League Snyder's Cut is still streaming on HBO Max.


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