13 Feb 2018 12:28 PM +00:00 UTC

Justice League BTS Featurette Features Superman's Black Suit

Though Marvel heroes are lucky enough to get new costumes every movie, DC has chosen to give each character the same outfit every installment, just with a few tweaks here and there. There were a lot of rumors about Superman wearing a black suit in Justice League, and though we didn’t get to see it in the film, a BTS featurette gives us a glimpse of the concept art.

Check it out:

Though I think the concept of it was cool, I thought it looked weird that Superman’s muscles would be more emphasized in the Justice League suit. Henry Cavill already had an amazing physique, but the muscles on the suit kind of made Cavill’s muscles feel fake.


Besides that, the other costumes were amazing to look at. The Flash’s gear looked very interesting onscreen, and Batman’s tactical get-up made the stakes feel so much higher this time around. When Batman’s wearing armor, you know things are going down.

Going back to Superman’s black suit, there have been conflicting reports on its existence and level of involvement in the movie, but there is a deleted scene that confirms that the black suit is glimpsed as Superman walks around the Kryptonian ship. We have nothing but claims that Cavill actually wore the full black suit in the movie.


Justice League comes to home video next month.

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