Julia Roberts is Ready for Her Superhero Film Casting

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Julia Roberts
Credit: Universal Pictures

It goes without saying that Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's most accomplished stars but despite her countless accolades, there's one thing the multi-awarded actress hasn't done in her illustrious acting career — that is to star in a superhero film. Well, it may have taken her a while to get persuaded but it looks like Julia is finally ready to become part of a major franchise like Marvel and DC.

Julia Roberts
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Credit: Stephen Colbert

Speaking with Variety during the premiere of her new romantic comedy flick Ticket to Paradise opposite George Clooney, the Academy Award-winning star said she'd be down to star in a superhero film. She said: "Wouldn’t it be awesome?" Clooney chimed in, saying he and Julia should do one together: "We should do one — you and me!"

However, the Pretty Woman actress doesn't seem keen on wearing a traditional superhero costume and would instead opt for an apron. Roberts jokingly added: "Maybe an apron. Is there a superhero apron?"

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The Marvel and DC film franchises have seen an influx of award-winning actors over the last couple of years with A-list names like Cate Blanchett, Michael Douglas, Bill Murray, Pierce Brosnan, and Lucy Liu just to name a few all jumping on the superhero bandwagon.

The idea of Julia Roberts becoming part of either one of the said franchises is just a matter of when but if we're being honest, it should've already happened a long time ago. Unless of course, Roberts has actually turned down offers from both Marvel Studios and DC Films.

Meanwhile, speaking of superhero flicks, DC's Black Adam hits cinemas this Friday, October 21st.

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