19 Jun 2021 2:36 PM +00:00 UTC

Josh Duhamel Breaks Silence on Jupiter's Legacy Cancellation, Calls it 'Disappointing'

There is little doubt that everyone has shared their opinion about Jupiter's Legacy being cancelled by Netflix. However, one person who has never spoken up about the issue has been Josh Duhamel. So what does the Utopian actor have to say about the cancellation? Duhamel has finally broken his silence and admits that the streaming giant's decision has been "disappointing."

The first (and only) season of Jupiter's Legacy had actually ended on a cliffhanger that teased on a possible sequel. This already led to speculations about what Season 2 would be about and even the cast and crew were excited about returning for the show. However, Netflix made an official announcement in early June that the series will be cancelled.

Not surprisingly, Duhamel isn't happy about the show's cancellation. In an interview with Cinemablend, he stated that he was disappointed because the cast and crew had worked very hard on the first season.

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"You know, it's just disappointing, I'm not gonna lie," Duhamel said. "We all worked very hard on that and promoted it very hard and thought we made a really good show, and I think [with] the audience, it performs so well and continues to do really well. We were a little bit surprised by it not getting renewed."


He then admitted that he had thought the series could continue at least for one more season and that his character would have been set for a major story arc.

"For me, I never saw it going more than two or three seasons because that would have fulfilled whatever graphic novels were written for it. And that second season was going to be so much fun because it had the makings of this modern tragedy where some pretty dark stuff happens to The Utopian. And I was excited creatively to do that," Duhamel said.

The idea of the series being cancelled is truly disappointing for everyone considering that it would have kickstarted the MillarVerse on Netflix. For now, it's unclear if Jupiter's Legacy will be picked up by a different streamer or network. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

The first (and only) season of Jupiter's Legacy is still streaming on Netflix.

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