Josh Brolin Mocks Marvel's Inability to Get Recognized by Prestigious Award-Giving Bodies

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It's been a long-standing debate within the comic book film community whether or not superhero films deserve a spot at the grand stage of the Oscars but Marvel Studios has been campaigning real hard for years. To its credit, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been nominated at the Academy Awards on more than one occasion but sadly, none of them have been for major awards.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The closest Marvel got to being recognized by the Academy was when Black Panther got nominated for Best Picture during the 2019 edition of the awarding spectacle. Truth is, MCU films don't usually fare well with "prestigious" award-giving bodies, arguably due to the fact that some folks don't consider it "cinema".

Well, actor Josh Brolin is pretty much aware of that notion and in a new interview, he jokingly threw shade at the MCU's inability to get nominated for "major" acting awards. During a wacky feature on Variety's Actors on Actors, the Deadpool star was forced to interview himself after Jeremy Renner no-showed the series.

During the course of the interview, Brolin praised his performance as the Mad Titan while jokingly mocking Marvel. He said: "Thanos, Thanos, Thanos. That was a huge undertaking for me. When you have my kind of gravitas, I understand why they would go, ‘That guy could kind of bring some real weight to the purple dude,’ but I didn’t get it at first. I’ve always described it as doing blackbox theater in New York in the ’70s or something."

Brolin continued: "And what a lot of people don’t know is that when they came to me, it was for a cameo, you know? It was just a little thing in ‘Infinity War,’ and I blew everybody away so much that they ended up making two movies out of it. It was a top-notch performance. We were so hoping to get nominated for that, but Marvel stuff doesn’t really get nominated right now. But if they did, I think that we would have. Are you sleeping? Should I wake him up?"

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Speaking of Brolin, while his time as Thanos might be over in the MCU, he's getting another shot via the third Deadpool film where he plays Cable. Now, it'll be interesting to see if Mr. Pool will end up cracking some Thanos jokes on his good pal now that they're part of Earth-616.

The Merc with a Mouth will return in Deadpool 3 which is currently in development.