Josh Brolin Has Contacted Marvel Studios About Cable's Future

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While Thanos might be dead and gone after Iron Man snapped him away in Avengers: Endgame, it seems like Josh Brolin's work for Marvel Studios might continue with Cable, especially since Disney said the Deadpool films would continue. Granted, Brolin has stated that he could return as Thanos in the future but it is interesting to know that the actor could play two different characters in the same universe.

This is assuming that Cable does debut in the MCU of course.

During ACE Comic-Con, Brolin said that he has been in contact with Marvel and talking about Cable's possible future in the MCU. Brolin states that Marvel is still figuring things out since the universe's world just got bigger now that the X-Men and Fantastic Four might be appearing in the near future.

"I don't know what's going to happen. I'm actually... I've been calling them, like, 'What's the deal with Cable, man?' Seriously, 100 percent serious. They're figuring it out. It's a big world now, it just got much, much bigger. So who knows?"

Marvel is still trying to negotiate with certain filmmakers about projects that could get absorbed in the MCU now that Disney has purchased Fox. Obviously, Deadpool will be a thing and Ryan Reynolds is probably happy about the films staying R-rated. Noah Howley also confirmed that he's had discussions with Kevin Feige about bringing his political Doctor Doom film to the MCU.

Will Cable appear in the MCU? Did Josh Brolin's MCU job just get more complex? We'll find out soon enough.

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