Josh Brolin Confirms He's Returning in Dune: Part Two

After the first film's success at the box office, critical and audience reception, and awards performance, there is now a lot of anticipation for Dune: Part Two which will cover the second half of the Frank Herbert novel. As director Denis Villeneuve and his team are preparing for production later this year, we are starting to hear more details about the sequel and now a cast member from the first film has confirmed his return in the next installment.

During an interview with Collider, Josh Brolin confirmed that he will be returning in Dune: Part Two reprising his role of Gurney Halleck. He said, "I am a part of Dune: Part Two, to the ridiculous extent of when somebody mentioned to me that it wasn't on IMDb, I actually went out of my way to call Liz [his publicist] and say, "Can you please put that on IMDb?" Because it's a proud moment for me, man."

Brolin also revealed that he will have a lot of action sequences in the sequel which also means that he has to train harder. "Javier [Bardem] and I had a similar thing that we both admitted to each other at the Oscars, because we both have a little bit of paunch right now," he said. "And we talked to Denis. We hadn’t read anything, and we talked to Denis the week before. He was like, ‘You guys are fighting the whole time. And you’ve been in the desert with the Fremen and all that.’ And we fucking panicked. We looked down and saw this little friend that we’ve been holding on our abdomen. So we were both on full diet mode at the Oscars, even though you absolutely couldn’t tell. We were already in diet mode, in panic diet mode."

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Given that we didn't see Gurney's demise and implied that he survived the battle sequence in the first film, it's not surprising to hear that Brolin will be returning in the sequel although it is great to hear a confirmation from the actor that we will be expecting to see him show up in the next film and teased that we're going to see more action sequences from him which also makes sense since Gurney is a weapons master and Paul Atreides' combat mentor.

The first film's logline reads: "Dune tells the story of Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, who must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence—a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential—only those who can conquer their fear will survive."

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Dune: Part Two is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on October 20, 2023.

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