Joker Director Admits He Included This One Batman Easter Egg

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Joker director Todd Phillips made it clear that his movie doesn't follow anything from the comics, and that it is just a story about Arthur Fleck. And despite saying that he doesn't do Easter eggs, the director admitted that he did include a Batman Easter egg in the movie after all.

If you recall Fleck and the young Bruce Wayne's first meeting at Wayne Manor, the child slides down a pole, in what seems to be his playhouse, to meet the Clown Prince of Crime up close at the gates. This was actually the brief scene that the director was referring to, admitting that it is indeed an Easter egg that some fans speculated it to be.


In the special features of the Joker Blu-ray (via Cinema Blend), Phillips revealed that he got asked "a lot" if that was an Easter egg. "I just don't like that term Easter egg, but little Bruce there when he slides down the pole was that an Easter egg to the Batman television series and yes, in fact, it was," he added. Phillips admits it was something that they had agreed on doing, but he did prefer for it to not be "too cute." "We don't like to do a ton of that stuff, but it felt appropriate," he said.

This Easter egg was a reference to the 1966 Batman TV series where the hero, played by Adam West, alongside Burt Ward's Robin, would slide down the Batpoles to go down to the Batcave. It's an iconic part of the show, which is not surprising for Batman fans to notice the reference.

There you have it. Despite not wanting to include Easter eggs, Phillips did end up including one, and it is a subtle yet cool way to reference something from the hero.

Did you notice other Easter eggs in the Joker movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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