Joker Closes In On $1 Billion Mark In World Wide Box Office

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It may have been a few weeks since its release but Joker isn't showing any signs of slowing down. The Joaquin Phoenix film has made almost $1 billion in the worldwide box office.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joker just made more than $900 million in worldwide tickets during the weekend. Fans continue to purchase tickets in droves and it is suggested that the movie will end its theatrical run with a total of $950 million. On the other hand, there is still a possibility that the Warner Bros. flick will make $1 billion in the next week.


It's no surprise that Joker is a huge success. After all, the movie was given an eight-minute standing ovation when it premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. In addition to that, it won the Golden Lion, which is the top prize at the film festival. Despite early concerns about how the movie will affect viewers, people still can't stop watching Phoenix's stunning performance as Arthur Fleck.

But what are the chances that Phoenix will reprise the role in a sequel? It was previously reported that the Gladiator actor refuses to return for Joker 2. He even pointed out that it would be "ridiculous" for him to consider doing a second film simply because the first one was a huge success.

Although we probably shouldn't hold our breath waiting for a Joker sequel, fans can still watch the first movie over and over again. Joker is still screening in theaters worldwide.

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