Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard: Body Language Expert Janine Driver Claims One Is Lying, Another Is Confused

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Credit: Law & Network/YouTube Screenshot

Johnny Depp listened to Amber Heard's testimony last week. His ex-wife detailed the alleged abuse she experienced at his hands. Body language expert Janine Driver observed the exes' gestures, and here's what she said.

Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard: Pirates Of The Caribbean Star Confused Of Ex-Wife's Testimony

Janine Driver, the founder, and president of the Body Language Institute, spoke with HLN TV after Amber Heard took the stand and testified in Johnny Depp's defamation trial against her in Virginia.

News correspondent Jean Casarez played a clip from Heard's testimony where the actress described an allegedly violent fight between them. Depp was looking down with a creased forehead while listening to the Aquaman star's testimony the whole time. Casarez asked Driver what Depp's body language meant.

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"From the forehead to the nose, emotion flows," Driver told HLN news correspondent Jean Casarez of Depp's body language in the footage. "That wrinkling in Johnny Depp's forehead, the sudden furrowing, is confusion. It's disagreement. It's 'I'm not happy to hear what she is saying here.'"

The body language expert also noticed that Depp was turning his head from side to side. Driver said that based on his action, Depp was "trying to make sense of what she is saying [because] it doesn't make sense."

As for Depp looking down the whole time while Heard was on the stand, Driver said it was "something different" before showing a gesture, looking down with her face parallel to the table, "this is, I have no respect for the person who's talking so I'm not even gonna look at them."

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Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard: Aquaman 2 Actress Allegedly 'Lying Through Her Teeth'

Casarez also asked Driver about her observation of Heard's testimony. The host noticed how the London Fields star turned her body toward the jury and spoke directly to them. The journalist asked Driver if her move was effective in connecting to the jury or if it was making them uncomfortable.

"We have mirror neurons. You yawn, I yawn. We want to be more like the people we are with. It happens all the time," Driver explained.

However, she didn't find Heard's gestures convincing. Instead, Driver said the actress was obviously lying.

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"She's not [believable]. She is lying through her teeth, in my expert opinion, and I've trained law enforcement, from the FBI to the CIA to clandestine spies," Driver alleged. "Her body language is more off. She does start-stop sentences. Her facial expressions are off."

Driver pointed out Heard's start-stop sentences, how she made gestures when she talked about the blood written all over the lamps and walls but didn't do the same when she spoke about Depp allegedly attacking, dragging, and slapping her.

Although Driver felt that Heard was lying, she acknowledged that she might be telling some truth, but not everything she said under oath was true.


"I think parts of it are true, and many of it is deceptive," Driver told Court TV in a separate interview.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's ongoing legal battle.
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