John Krasinski Reportedly Won’t Get Replaced as Reed Richards Despite Casting Rumors

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Credit: Marvel Studios
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John Krasinski has long been on the fans' radar to play Mister Fantastic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and last year, the collective wishes of the fandom were finally fulfilled as the Hollywood A-lister was given the opportunity to breathe life into the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


However, his brief involvement in the Phase Four blockbuster left nothing to be desired and excitement was instantly turned into disappointment thanks to his poor presentation. Krasinski has stated in an interview that his MCU casting was one and done and for months, there have been reports linking several actors — from Diego Luna to Dev Patel to the coveted role.

Now, a new report seems to offer renewed hope for Krasinski's MCU future and it looks like there's a good chance he'll be able to redeem himself. According to a post from Twitter user @DivinitySeeker1 who claims to be an insider, despite all the circulating rumors surrounding the actor who will play Reed Richards in the reboot, Krasinski will continue portraying the role.

The source claims: "I know it’s controversial & I know every scooper under the sun has been telling you it’s someone else… but no, it was never Dev Patel, or Penn Badgley, or anyone else."

They also said that it won't be long until the casting announcements are officially made. Check it out here:

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It's worth mentioning that according to the latest rumors, the MCU's version of Reed Richards and Sue Storm will be depicted as parents in the Fantastic Four reboot. This certainly suggests that the actors they'll be casting will be in the late 30s to early 40s range and John easily fits the bill.

Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit cinemas on February 14, 2025.