John Cena Wants a Peacemaker and Black Adam Crossover

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Now that The Rock's Black Adam is set to debut in the DC Universe, Black Adam will surely play an important part in the future projects of DCEU. However, since Black Adam is originally an anti-hero, fans are still clueless on which path he will take in the future of DC. Black Adam can either join the anti-hero team, The Suicide Squad, or antagonize The Justice League. One particular anti-hero character he could make a cameo is John Cena's Peacemaker.

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John Cena's Peacemaker was a success in the streaming service, HBO Max, breaking a record for the best single-day performance for streaming the highest streaming in a day after the series launched their finale. The second season of Peacemaker was already announced by James Gunn, who wrote the entire series and directed five of its episodes. The second season could feature more characters and another big cameo, especially after The Justice League did a cameo at the finale of the series. The Rock's Black Adam could make an appearance or just a quick cameo as he is also an anti-hero like Peacemaker.

While talking to People Magazine, Cena discussed the possibilities of having another character making an appearance in the second series of Peacemaker, Cena explained, "I'll say the same thing every time with possibilities in the sort of universe... it would be an honor and a privilege to be able to perform with him," Cena elaborated. "I think there still is a passionate marketplace that wants to see him in. But I'm sorry, man, that's just not my choice so I don't know. It's so far beyond me. It's beyond what I'm able to control."

While on an interview with, Cena expressed interest in doing a Black Adam and Peacemaker crossover in the future. The actor explained,

"You know me. Ready, willing, and able. And answering the phone whenever it rings. I'm good," Cena mused about a potential future project. "I think that the excitement is starting to build with fans, whether you talk about the conversation of Fast [and Furious], or you talk about, now, the DC Universe. I don't want to say we're on a crash course and it's inevitable. I want to, because I'm a fan. But we'll see. We'll see what happens. Tell me what he says."

Both John Cena and The Rock started their career in the WWE Universe and both developed into fine action stars in the film industry. It would be surely interesting to see the two stars interacting with each other again in the future of the DC Universe.

Black Adam will hit theaters on July 29 and Peacemaker is still streaming in HBO Max.

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