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John Cena Hilariously Slams Peacemaker Season 2 Question

Peacemaker star John Cena hilariously responded when asked about what Peacemaker Season 2 will be all about.

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Peacemaker follows Christopher Smith’s redemption arc after the events of The Suicide Squad, where he murdered Rick Flag just because of his principle that he would kill anyone just to maintain peace. He doesn’t mind how many people he would kill, just to maintain peace and stick to his brutal principle. The show’s plot follows Smith when he got out of prison and was recruited by Murn, a secret-operatives agent working to unravel the secrets and destroy ‘Project Butterfly.’ Smith was joined by his dysfunctional new crew, Harcourt, Economos, Adebayo, Vigilante, and his best friend, Eagly.

Created by award-winning superhero director, James Gunn, who also wrote the whole series and directed five episodes. Throughout the series, we saw a glimpse of Smith’s upbringing and how it affected his whole outlook towards the world as a mercenary. This all changed, thanks to his new crew, for apparently bringing out the best in him and giving him character development as a hero and not a villain.

Peacemaker was a massive success for streaming service HBO Max bringing a tremendous amount of viewers and also breaking the record for a single-day highest number streaming for an HBO Originals series in history.

Because of its success, the streaming service announced that Peacemaker season 2 will happen and James Gunn will also be writing the sequel. In an interview with Yahoo, Cena hilariously discussed what Peacemaker season 2 will be all about and that he relies the idea on Peacemaker creator, James Gunn, who he called a ‘mad man’ behind the scenes of the show.

His response to the Peacemaker 2 question:

“I've done a few of these interviews after the finale and every one of them wants to speculate about what the hell is gonna happen in Season 2. And that makes great conversation because there’s excitement over the next season. But holy s**t, I'm not responsible for any of those choices. I don't write the thing. You gotta talk to the madman named James Gunn for that. I think he's very clever in everything he does, and he doesn't waste a sentence. So, in my perspective, those might indeed be safe dots to connect, but you never know. We may never see that. I don't control any of that stuff. And we can talk ourselves in circles about what's gonna happen on Season 2, but it's really up to just one guy.”

With Cena completely leaving the writing decision to Gunn was really smart because it's really up to the director on what path Christopher Smith’s character is going to take next. As of now, Gunn has not picked up the pen yet to write season 2 of the show. Gunn will be directing another DC-themed HBO Max series and will be back to Marvel, to direct the threequel of the Guardians of The Galaxy.

As of now, we can't assume anything yet but it's safe to say we will see Peacemaker together with his squad in the show’s second season. And James Gunn will surely maintain the show’s comedy-violent genre.

Peacemaker is still streaming in HBO Max.

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