John Boyega Wants to Join Avatar: The Last Airbender Now That He's Done With Star Wars

Now that John Boyega is all done with Star Wars, the actor seems to be open to more roles and there are a large number of directors who want to work with him. Boyega hasn't been shy about the media he's been a fan of and the actor recently let it be known that he would love to add to the beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. With a live-action Netflix show on the works, he would fit right in.

Interestingly enough, Boyega revealed that he would like to be in the series if this show's version of Africa has any form of benders. The show hasn't really expanded into that region yet, mostly focusing on fictional versions of Asia countries but we wouldn't be surprised if they did end up going in that direction eventually.

Avatar isn't afraid to use dark-skinned characters as Korra and Katara have shown, so having John Boyega play as someone for the water-bending tribe would work. Then again, they are supposed to be Inuit so they may want to tread that line when it comes to casting.

If they want to make a region that's supposed to represent Africa, maybe introduce a new bending technique while you're at it, then we might have something here. Granted, the series doesn't need Boyega to succeed but it would be cool to see him there if anything else.

No release date for the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender has been revealed by Netflix, as of this writing. However, you can check the entire series out right now on Netflix so that's a good thing.

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