John Boyega Shares Image From His First Post-Star Wars Project Small Axe

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John Boyega has received a ton of support ever since he left Star Wars, made his opinions on the movies known, and stood up for what's right during a Black Lives Matter protest. Fans have had a keen interest in what the actor has been up to for a while now and Boyega has given us the courtesy of a first look at his first post-Star Wars project. On Instagram, Boyega revealed that he's working with Steve McQueen on a series called Small Axe.

Boyega says that this series will have a focus on Black British History, which is something we don't see a lot on our television screens. Granted, a lot of British television isn't shown outside of the country (aside from Doctor Who) but having Boyega should increase interest in the series. It also helps that Steve McQueen has proven himself as a solid director so this should be a good watch.


According to Deadline, Boyega's episode is called Red, White, and Blue as Leroy Logan. The episode has him wanting to change the police force from the inside after witnessing officers beat his father when he was younger. It's very in-line with the times, especially since Black Lives Matter is all about minorities wanting to be safe from the police and not always being suspects to crimes.

Small Axe is expected to come to Amazon and BBC later this year, so keep up to date with it if you're interested in John Boyega's acting stints.

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