John Boyega is Green Lantern in Amazing Black Lives Matter Protest Fan Art

There is little doubt that more people are looking up to John Boyega these days after the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor delivered a powerful Black Lives Matter speech at a protest in London. Not surprisingly, some have even been inspired to create new fan art depicting Boyega as DC comic book superhero Green Lantern.

The fan art was created by digital artist Bosslogic and has been shared on Instagram. Check it out below.

The artwork actually takes an image of Boyega at the Hyde Park protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, it has been retouched so that the actor's eyes and fist are glowing green. It is so well-made that even a camera in the photo has been edited as well.

Boyega has been very vocal about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement to the point that he has stated that he no longer cares if his career is over after he spoke up about the issue. Luckily, it looks like he has gained more supporters instead. It was previously reported that Lucasfilm has expressed their support for Boyega.

"Lucasfilm stand with John Boyega and his message that, 'Now is the time. Black lives have always mattered. Black lives have always been important. Black lives have always meant something.' The evil that is racism must stop. We will commit to being part of the change that is long overdue in the world. John Boyega, you are our hero," Lucasfilm said in a statement.

Several other celebrities have also confirmed that they are supporting Boyega as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

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