Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Gets Amazing Fanmade Comic Cover

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A lot of people have been raving about the Joker movie online, and everyone is excited about the release of the film next month. A lot of online tributes have started pouring out for the new Clown Prince of Crime, and IG artist @dvglzv has come up with this neat comic cover of Phoenix's Joker in the classic comic style.

Check it out:


Despite the tribute to comics, director Todd Phillips has said Joker isn't actually based on any comic at all, and it's going to be its own original story. If anything, the movie looks to be a serious character study, and it's just disguised as a comic book film to get all the fanboys in the seats.

Though the movie is closer to The King of Comedy and TaxiDriver, you still can't help but feel the influence of some comics. For one, the classic Gotham traits are all there, from Arkham Asylum to the GCPD. The final look of the Joker also seems to be a mix of Heath Ledger's and Cesar Romero's takes—the long hair and make-up from Ledger and the colors of the suit from Romero.

With the DCEU slowly moving on to more kid-friendly entries like Aquaman and Shazam!, I'm more eager for this comeback to darker, more serious films. Hopefully, after this, WB will keep going with the DC Black label, and maybe they'd even consider coming back to the more serious tone that Zack Snyder started with Man of Steel.

Catch Joker in theaters Oct. 4.

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