10 Sep 2019 11:02 AM +00:00 UTC

Joaquin Phoenix Says Working on Joker Was 'One of the Greatest Experiences' in His Career

Joker looks like the homerun hit that DC and Warner Bros have been waiting for, gaining a lot of positive traction while being a grim and gritty movie. This is what the company tried and failed to do with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is probably why fans are so excited. The film's star, Joaquin Phoenix, has commented on acting in this film and has a lot of nice things to say about it.

During the movie's Venice Film Festival Conference (via ComicBook.com), Phoenix stated that his acting here was a career highlight, which is a lot when you consider how good his career has been thus far. Phoenix also admits that he was drawn to the role and how it evolved over time, which is interesting.

"There was something that was drawing me towards it, and it just evolved as we worked together. It started becoming something more than I could have anticipated. And it was one of the greatest experiences of my career. I think it gave us back so much, like every day, whatever we put into it, it was just so energizing and exciting and inspiring."

While there are some people who are worried about the movie inspiring some youths to be more violent, one can't help but be intrigued by this film. I'd argue that the movie has the usual "good movie" tropes (mentally unstable person who can barely keep it together decides to commit crimes since life hasn't been good to him) but it could still be done well.

Joker will be hitting theaters worldwide on October 4.

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