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Jinxed At First Episode 7 Recap: Girls' Generation Seohyun Reveals The Truth To Na In Woo + Minjoon Contemplates Whether To Leave Them Alone

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Jinxed At First is continuously having its viewers interested in the storyline and the romance between the lead stars Girls’ Generation Seohyun and Na In Woo.

Jinxed At First is based on a webtoon of the same name written by Han Ji Hye and Koo Seul. It is a fantasy romance drama that depicts the story of an unlucky man who meets the goddess of fortune and luck who was hidden by a rich family.

On July 6, 2022, Jinxed At First Episode 7 received a nationwide viewership rating of 3.5%. Here is a Jinxed At First Episode 7 recap.

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Jinxed At First Episode 7 Recap

Jinxed At First Episode 7 sees Jang-Kyung following Minjoon to the market in an attempt to discover why he frequently goes there. She purchased from different vendors and also received information about Sookwang and Seulbi.

On the other hand, it seems that the one who helped Sookwang years ago and Seulbi’s biological father has an unfortunate connection. Before Seulbi was born, Jeong Hyun-tae had an affair with Misoo, which angered the Seon Family.

And to ensure that Hyun-tae would not see Misoo ever again, he was thrown into jail. Misoo returned to the hotel as a prisoner and to please Sam-Joong's greediness for power.

Meanwhile, the search for Seulbi continues. Thankfully, Chief Park had warned the other market vendors that the bad guys had returned for Seulbi. All of them joined forces to hide Seulbi and pretend that they do not know her.

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Girls’ Generation Seohyun Reveals The Truth To Na In Woo In Jinxed At First Episode 7

Jinxed At First Episode 7 also sees Seulbi revealing everything to Sookwang– the truth about her existence as the goddess of fortune and how she was imprisoned inside the hotel all her life.

Sookwang then understood how Seulbi was connected to the death of his mother and all the following misfortune that he experienced.

He storms into the Geumhwa Hotel to confront Minjoon and his father. Although the chairman denied he does not know anything about Sookwang’s mother’s death, Minjoon believes that his father has a relation to it.

Almost leaning towards helping Sookwang, Minjoon tries to calm his old friend. However, Sookwang was in terrible agony that he had to experience such misfortune and that his mother had to be involved.

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Na In Woo Pushes Seohyun Away In Jinxed At First Episode 7

Jinxed At First Episode 7 highlighted the sad moment for the two as Sookwang was about to propose to Seulbi and had already bought their engagement ring and the flowers.

However, Sookwang felt after discovering the truth about his mother’s death. Filled with guilt and anger, he pushes Seulbi away and asks her to return to where she came from.

Left with nowhere to go, Seulbi wandered for a while until she landed in Chief Wang’s office. But as it was past working hours, the office was locked but she managed to get inside when she found the key to the gates.

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On the other hand, Sookwang might have felt guilty as he returns home to find that Seulbi had already left. He started to get worried as she should not be wandering alone in the middle of the night.

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