Jessica Jones Series Finale Teases a Crossover That Will Never Happen

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Jessica Jones season 3 ended on a bittersweet note, teasing a lot of things that will not be coming to fruition. It seemed like we would be getting a dour ending but after a familiar voice and purple aura were brought to Jessica's attention, she decided to come back to New York. It sucks that this will never be followed up on but maybe Disney+ has some surprises for us.

While hearing Killgrave/The Purple Man was buzz-worthy, another crossover that got fans talking was a brief exchange between Jones and former lover Luke Cage. For those unaware, Luke Cage season 2 actually ended on a sour note as it teased Luke going to the dark side, though that was never followed up on since Netflix unceremoniously canceled it. Jessica Jones season 3 has given us a taste of what could have been with an intriguing conversation between the two.


Luke says "If I ever go too far, I hope that someone gives enough of a s— about me to take me down," which then leads to Jessica asking "is that a risk these days?" Luke then gives a depressing response by claiming "some would say it's inevitable."

Since Trish Walker had a heel turn, going on a Punisher-like rampage and killing criminals, it's easy to see where Luke is coming from. Jessica would probably have to take Luke down and it would be one hell of a fight but - once again - we're never going to see this happen unless Marvel and Disney+ bring these shows back.

Jessica Jones season 3 can be streamed on Netflix for the time being.

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