Jessica Jones Season 2 Already in Production

Marvel's TV universe is pretty much moving just as fast its cinematic universe. Following the production of The Defenders—what you could dub as the ensemble series for the TV-verse—now, another one of the Defenders is filming her own series.

This is none other than Krysten Ritter, who portrays Jessica Jones. The show is already on its second season, and MCU Exchange has recently stumbled upon a report that Jessica Jones is already on location for filming. The location is pegged at 101st Street and Broadway in New York.

In the series, this puts Jessica right in her apartment yet again as well as Alias Investigations.

There aren't a lot of details yet on what will happen when Jessica Jones returns on screen. We also don't have much updates by way of synopsis or additional casting, but with the production already in high gear, it's not surprising if we'll get more in the coming weeks.

If you're jonesing for more Jessica Jones, then you may want to get yourself April's Loot Crate. Themed as Investigate, it will feature an exclusive action figure of the titular character.

(Photo courtesy of EW)

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek of the figurine, and it shows her kicking down a brick wall and looking cool doing it. Hopefully, this will get you through the wait until we get to know the exact release date of Jessica Jones season 2.

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