Jeremy Renner Reveals Key Art for Kate Bishop in Hawkeye Disney+ Series

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Of all the Marvel shows coming to the Disney+ streaming service, Hawkeye is one of the shows that fans are most excited for. We were already pretty excited when the show was first rumored and the reveal of its logo, which was based on the acclaimed comic run from Matt Fraction and David Aja, got everyone even more pumped up.

Now, lead star Jeremy Renner is getting fans buzzing again by sharing some key art for the series.


From what can be seen below, it looks like the key art is clearly based on the aforementioned Fraction/Aja run of the characters. The fact that it puts Kate Bishop front-and-center means that she'll clearly play a huge part and might even be the show's central focus.

While Clint Barton was still the main focus of the comics, Kate did get several spotlight issues and stole the show every time she appeared, though that has a lot to do with Fraction's writing. Hopefully, the series will introduce her in a way that makes her endearing and likable, just like the comics.

Currently, Hawkeye is expected to come out on Disney+ in fall 2021. Fans interested in the two characters should read the Hawkeye run by Matt Fraction and David Aja, who is also joined by a number of talented artists.


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